About us

Our company

We at ibridenergy are a company operating in the photovoltaic sector for more than 10 years, with multiple plants built during our working career.

We of hybrididenergy are able to realize turnkey plants, this because we take care of all the various phases of the work, from the planning to the installation of the same.

With the course of the years we have acquired an experience that we put at the service of our customers, trying to satisfy every need with maximum professionalism.

We have extended our working field with a website, where we are able to offer innovative solutions for families and operators in the sector, and where in addition to building photovoltaic systems, we give the possibility to buy directly from us all the products related to this sector, and where we idealize and always make new products to give our customers the possibility to have a wide range of items to choose from to build their own system, and after-sales we are able to provide assistance remarkable technique because of our knowledge of these products.

In addition, all this is possible thanks to the remarkable efficiency and competence of our staff, which goes from the administration to the technical one, where the commitment is to look for new solutions for these types of systems, to try to always be at the step with the evolution of the technologies that in this sector are developed year after year, and to give more and more a greater efficiency to our customers.